Frequently Asked Questions

Please find a list of frequently asked questions below. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or call 864-608-4894.

The NICP encourages anyone that is interested in learning about CPTED to attend the training. This includes: law enforcement and crime prevention officers, security consultants, city, park, & urban planners, architects, residents, neighborhood & economic redevelopment groups, landscape architects, school personnel, engineers, code enforcement, public art personnel, lighting & utility personnel, and traffic engineers.

All open enrollment courses that the NICP has scheduled are posted on the Training Calendar. As additional classes are scheduled they will be posted to the training calendar.

The NICP does not require that attendees take the courses in order. The NICP recognizes that certain training dates and locations may be more advantageous for participant’s schedules, and this may necessitate taking the courses out of order. There is no review of basic CPTED principles in the Advanced CPTED course, so if taking the Advanced course first it is recommended to be familiar with the basic principles and terminology of CPTED. In all instances, attendees that took the Advanced CPTED course first where successful in completing the course and passing the exam.

The NICP is launching online training in May 2020. Online CPTED training

The NICP charges a set price for our 5 Day Basic CPTED ($595) and 3 Day Advanced CPTED ($395) courses. The organizations that sponsor an onsite CPTED course to bring CPTED to their region can offer seats in the class for people outside their organization to attend. The host organization sets the registration fee for these seats.

The requirements for earning the NICP’s CPD are:

64 Hours of CPTED training conducted by the NICP

  1. 5 Day (40 Hour) Basic CPTED course includes a graded CPTED Field Assessment/Presentation & a graded exam
  2. 3 Day (24 Hour) Advanced CPTED course includes a graded exam
  3. The CPD is valid for a period of 4 years
  4. To renew/maintain the CPD does require attending an NICP 2 Day (16 Hour) CPTED course every 4 years.

For additional information please visit the CPTED Professional Designation page.

Attend an NICP 2 Day (16 Hour) CPTED course every four years to renew the CPD.

The NICP offers a CPTED Professional Designation (CPD). When participants complete an NICP CPTED course they receive a certificate that indicates the number of training hours completed and if the course was a Basic or Advanced course.

No. The NICP has established the curriculum and requirements for the CPD based on accepted professional standards for CPTED training. The NICP’s CPTED training includes graded assessments/exams that must be administered by NICP personnel. The NICP maintains the records and scores for those that attend the courses. The NICP maintains a searchable international database of CPD holders to provide to organizations, agencies, or companies searching for CPTED professionals.

The courses are scheduled until 5:00pm. On the last day of both the Basic & Advanced CPTED courses participants complete an exam and a graded presentation. Depending on the size of the class, the length of time participants need to complete the exam, and the length of the group presentations the NICP cannot predict if the class will finish earlier than 5:00pm. Remaining for all of the group presentations is a requirement for completing CPTED Training. The presentations include a variety of locations and issues that are presented and discussed as part of the curriculum.